A Personalized Behavioural Intervention System

Driven is a Cognitive AI simulation and virtual counsellor system for identifying the root causes of patient decision-making and behaviour. By identifying the real reasons behind unhealthy psychosocial behaviours it will, for example, help a nutritionist develop highly-personalized behavioural interventions to reduce a client's risk of developing a major chronic disease by addressing key inhibitors and facilitators to healthy lifestyle change and adherence.

We Know Who

People living with, or at risk of, chronic disease are unaware of the real motivating factors behind their nonadherent behaviour. But interventionists need to know them to improve the specialized regimens they design for their patients.

We Know What

AI technologies for NCD treatement can give on-the-fly urinalysis, blood pressure and more. These solutions are examples of technologies that are built to predict, to some degree, what a person may do, but not why.

Now We Know Why

The "why" question is fundamentally important if we are to successfully encourage healthy lifestyle behaviours, but is a far more difficult computational challenge. With Driven, we design interventions in specific response to who, what and why.

We Are Driven
Making Automated Personalized Behavioural Medicine a Reality

Current AI technologies cannot answer questions like "What rationalizations might a pre-diabetic use for persisting with an unhealthy diet?" or "What thought processes might a person with diabetes use to justify their sedentary lifestyle?" The Driven system will provide the reasons behind these types of psychosocial behaviours, and in doing so will provide public health interventionists with a valuable lifestyle management tool that provides deep insight into a person's decision to persist with poor diet and lifestyle habituation. Driven is an AI system that provides, for the first time, automated precision behavioural medicine.

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The Project

The Design and its Philosophy

Driven consists of four subsystems: a cognitive architecture, an Agent-Based Model and Simulation System (ABMSS), a virtual counsellor and data analytics. We have adopted three design rules to ensure our AI system creates psychologically-realistic intelligent agents (IAs): a) don’t tell the IA what it perceives; b) don’t tell the IA how to feel about what it perceives and; c) don’t tell the IA what to do about how it feels. The aim of this system is to approach the nonadherence problem by combining a bottom-up (simulation, data generation and analysis) with a top-down (data collection and analysis) approach to identifying root causes, predicting patient behaviour and providing real-time interventions in the form of personalized counselling.

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